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Connected Wheel & Fleet Management Solution for a US-Based Automotive Company

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Client Overview

US based technology company offering solutions for transportation industry.

Business Need

  • The client was looking for an engineering partner to help them develop a cloud connected solution for fleet tire monitoring that can provide real-time alerts to drivers and logistic companies about tire health and perform analysis on data collected enabling flawless logistic

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Developed AWS cloud connected single board wheel management solution involving sensor interfaces such as Sub1 GHz for pressure, BLE/Zigbee for temperature, accelerometer, GPS, CAN interface for j1939 connectivity & Unified Diagnostic Service support on Automotive dashboard
  • Integrated AWS cloud using open source AWS cloud SDK & developed logic around it to process sensor data
  • Monitoring tire pressure data & control inflation/deflation
  • Logging live data, events, vehicle tracking and route history on cloud via LTE to analyze the data with better predictions of tire life, usage statistics, driver behavior
  • Developed Android, iOS mob app using flutter to monitor vehicles and get alerts
  • Product testing & FCC, CE pre-compliance

Solution Diagram

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Benefits Delivered

  • Reduction in fuel consumption by 15% with the help of real time TPMS system implementation
  • Overall, 27% reduction in maintenance cost due to availability of real time information on vehicle location, health monitoring of tire, weight, and brake pads

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