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Neurostimulation Wearable Device Engineering for a US-Based Transportation Industry Serving Company

Banner Machine Learning Hardware Engineering Healthcare

Client Overview

A US based new technology company serving the transportation industry.

Business Need

  • The client required a technology partner to develop a neurostimulation wearable device that allow healthcare service providers to carryout neuro-psychiatric clinical trials and collect statistical data using non-invasive experimental system for transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS)

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • TI AM335X based hardware design
  • Design & development of custom non-DAC analog interface design using TI OPA1612 OpAmp for Low (0.1mA) current delivery precision pattern generation
  • ADC & DAC Linux device driver with SPI protocol
  • ESD protection to reduce current spike
  • 4.3” LCD resistive touch screen interface module
  • Integrated customer’s patented neurostimulation algorithm
  • GUI design in QT for LCD monitor
  • Display statistical information during active procedure & automatic report generation
  • Wearable device configuration mgmt.
  • Performed hardware and software testing

Solution Diagram

Diagram Machine Learning Hardware Engineering Healthcare

Benefits Delivered

  • Sense any unhealthy or uncomfortable condition being caused to the patient and abort the treatment with immediate effect

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