Digital Networking

Software-defined Networking (SDN) engineering services to manage high performance and
flexible digital networking solutions

Disruptive technologies like IoT, AI/ML, and cloud-based data centers are driving tremendous growth in the networking and digital communications industry. VOLANSYS recognizes the challenges that the industry is going through, particularly during the design and development of digital networking solutions. We provide Software-defined networking (SDN) engineering services to drive the digital transformation by building the next-generation network solutions.

VOLANSYS, as a development partner works with enterprises, network chipset and equipment manufacturers, data centers and carrier networks and offers expertise on Legacy Networking, Switching, Routing, Tunneling and next-generation technologies such as Software-defined Networking (SDN solutions), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Flexible Networking Pipeline, SONiC (Software for Open Networking in Cloud), In-Band Network Telemetry (INT), P4, Open Source Networking, Networking Analytics and many more.

Industry Needs

Open Source Development, Porting and Integration

SDK development and BSP, network protocol development, silicon software, and driver development and porting, data plane and control plane programming with optimized packet processing, Switching (L2/L3), Routing, PXE boot, integrating network OS, APIs, Openstack for network chipsets and devices


Legacy and New-age technology support under one roof

In-depth experience of design, development, and testing on legacy networking technologies and coping with current trends for networking chipsets, indoor/ outdoor network devices, mesh nodes, self-healing algorithms and more

Legacy & New-age networking support under one roof

Silicon Validation, Network Testing and FAE Support

Detecting and localizing functional issues via ASIC simulation, test automation for software, network devices and switching protocol stack, SDK validation, and verification, performance & throughput benchmarking, SDN solutions & NOS testing, networking device & multi-layer switch testing, sustenance/maintenance, and support

Silicon Validation, Network Testing & FAE Support

Network Intelligence and Analytics

Providing network telemetry solution with cloud and multiple interfaces support to monitor, predict and optimize network performance using 3600 network infrastructure data

Network Intelligence & Analytics

Networking Offerings

SDN and NFV: North-bound APIs and cloud integration, OpenFlow, OpenNFV, OpenConfig, Open Source switch operating system – Stratum, software-defined networking (SDN) application and controller development – Ryu, OpenDayLight (ODL), hardware offload and VNF acceleration, OpenStack integration and orchestration

Wireless networking: Architecture, design, and development of SOHO, CPE and Enterprise Wi-Fi solutions, WLAN driver porting, migration to new platforms, Wi-Fi co-existence, End-to-end system validation, and interoperability, sustenance/ maintenance, and support

Network telemetry and analytics: Queue monitoring, latency/distributions metrics, streaming telemetry and real-time insights, In-Band Network Telemetry (INT), advanced telemetry and data analytics, integration with analytics solution – A-CORD, network traffic management, and microburst prevention

Network software testing: ASIC simulation, automation framework development, and test automation, validation and verification of networking chip SDK, P4 capability, ONOS, and M-CORD validation, L2/L3 network protocol testing

Network Software Development: SDK development and BSP support, data plane programming, driver development and porting, L2/L3 switching/routing protocols, network protocol parser engine development, L4-L7 application development, PXE boot support (UEFI, BIOS), In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU support)

Open source technology support in SDK: SAI, P4, P4-Runtime, OpenFlow


Network Operating Systems (NOS)

ONOS, OPX, ONL, SONiC, Cumulus

Leading Networking Chipset Support

Broadcom, Marvell, Qualcomm

Networking Technologies

Expertise in working on various networking technologies including SAI, OvS, OpenStack, OpenConfig, P4, P4-Runtime, INT, RYU controller and more

One-Stop Solution

Comprehensive set of Digital Networking Services for wired and wireless networks