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Case Studies

Smart water leak detection solution

Smart Water Leak Detection and Flood Prevention System for Homes & Buildings

US-based leading company providing complete home water leak detection solutions The c
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Mobile app based smart air purifier

Smart and Sustainable Air Purifier Solution to Monitor the Indoor Air Quality

Ideal Living, a US-based technology company, develops innovative solutions for health
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Connected Endoscopy Solution

Secure & Wireless Endoscopy Solution for Real-time Remote Patient Monitoring

US-based healthcare company, Endoluxe developing innovative healthcare solutions and
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Banner Connected App internet of Things engineering Consumer Electronics

Connected Home Comfort Products

US-based leading manufacturer of home comfort products such as cooking grill, innovat
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Banner Embedded Hardware Software Engineering Consumer Electronics

Commercial Building Management IoT Gateway And Connected Application

A leading US based lighting and controls manufacturer delivering technical solutions
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Web Application For Electrical Resistivity Imaging Device Monitoring

US based leading developer and manufacturer of electrical resistivity and IP imaging
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Banner Cloud Retail

Cloud Application Performance And Storage Cost Optimization

US based manufacturer of interactive touchscreen displays, monitors, POS devices and
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Developed Smart Stove Sensor Solution

US-based leading company providing innovative and high-quality healthcare solutions,
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Thermal Sensor Application For Human Presence Detection

A global leader in the field of automation having a core-business in sensor technolog
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Electrical Structure Monitoring Solution

US based leading energy company delivering electric, gas and steam service to 10M+ pe
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Banner Embedded Engineering Consumer Electronics

HomeBridge Gateway Integration With Smart Padlocks

US based manufacturer of smart locks, providing reliability and safety for consumers
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Banner QA Automation Networking

Test Automation For Programmable Networking Switches

US based manufacturer of network switch silicon used in major cloud providers’ data
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Smart lighting solution for agriculture

Wireless Lighting Control Solution for Smart Farming

US-based leading manufacturer of lighting solutions for controlled environment farmin
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Low Power Image Transfer Solution For Occupancy Sensing Solution

US-based leading semiconductor company offering innovative solutions for digital tran
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Z-wave based smart home and building solution

Z-Wave based Smart Solution for Home and Building

US based company in the field of energy grid providing innovative solutions of energy
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Voice Based Gender Detection On Edge

US based leading semiconductor manufacturer offering microcontrollers and processors
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Connected app for monitoring patient

Connected Application to Monitor Patient Safety via Patient Interacting Device

US-based leading medical device manufacturer producing signaling devices and connecte
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Banner Embedded Engineering Hardware Engineering Automotive

Connected Wheel & Fleet Management Solution

US based technology company offering solutions for transportation industry. The clien
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video monitoring and survelliance solution

Real-time Video Monitoring and Surveillance Solution

US-based ​​global leaders delivering reliable and secure live video surveillance
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Banner DevOps Engineering Consumer Electronics

Seamless Integration From Planning To Production Deployment

US based company manufacturing smart cameras enabling security for homes and offices.
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Banner Cloud Engineering Industrial IoT

Connected Elevator Solution Development

US based smart elevator solution provider for commercial and industrial elevators Cli
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Banner Software Engineering Aerospace

Advanced Aircraft Video Management Solution

The Global technology-led defense, aerospace and security solutions provider. Client
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Banner Hardware Engineering Software Engineering Medical/Healthcare

Connected Endoscopy Device For Smart Healthcare

US-based healthcare company, Endoluxe developing innovative healthcare solutions and
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Banner IoT Product Testing Engineering Medical/Healthcare

Medical Device Testing

Europe based leading technology manufacturer operating in the optics and optoelectron
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Banner Embedded Engineering Cloud Engineering Home Automation

Next Generation Managed Home Security Solution

US based company providing managed home security solutions for remote control and mon
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Banner Software Engineering QA Automation Engineering Others

Built Highly Secured Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solution

For a US based company recognized as a Top 10 MFA solution provider for 2020. The cli
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Banner Connected App Embedded Engineering Industrial IoT

Automated Monitoring Of Labelling Solution For Fresh Farm Produces

Leading UK based Industrial labeling system provider of the farm products. The client
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Banner Mechanical Design Engineering Consumer Electronics

Development Of CTA-2045 Complaint Universal Communication (UCM) Module

US-based manufacturer of HVAC system and water heaters for residential/commercial bui
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Banner Mechanical Design Hardware Engineering Medical/Healthcare

Designed Mobile Hotspot With Multi-Device Connectivity

A global leader in medical devices that helps in advance emergency care to save lives
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Banner Manufacturing Mechanical Design Engineering Home Automation

Designing The Gateway Of The Leak Detection Sensor And Mass Manufacturing Support

A white-labeled custom gateway solution for a leading manufacturer in home water prot
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