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Seamless Integration from Planning to Production Deployment using DevOps

Banner DevOps Engineering Consumer Electronics

Client Overview

US based company manufacturing smart cameras enabling security for homes and offices.

Business Need

The client required seamless integration in their operations right from planning stage (Jira story) to production deployment ensuring high availability of the system with zero tolerance. In addition to establish smooth collaboration amongst their teams located in different geographies

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • CI/CD via Jenkins and harness integration with Git to trigger auto-builds on defined events
  • Integrated multiple tools like Veracode, Protecode, Sonar, jUnit to certify the build automatically
  • Developed TerraForm scripts for auto environment generation (Infrastructure as a Code)
  • Leveraged Kubernetes for orchestrated containerize deployments
  • Integrated Appdynamics for application performance monitoring
  • Auto release promotion/roll-back between multiple environments
  • Maintained the releases in jFrog artifactory
  • Created Jsonnet template for reusable harness and helm chart configuration

Solution Diagram

Diagram DevOps Engineering Consumer Electronics

Benefits Delivered

  • Reduced time of code integration, testing and deployment from 24 to just 2 hours via CICD implementation
  • Enabled customer for bi-weekly releases for 10+ Components and 100+ binaries
  • Optimized cost through container deployment

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