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The automotive industry is going through a rapid transformation with the wide adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has enhanced transportation efficiency, reliability and has paved the path for the future of intelligent, autonomous, and electric vehicles. Companies are focused on enhancing customer experience through smart automotive solution development involving innovation in the areas of real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, in-vehicle infotainment systems, security, and safety. It has revolutionized the public transport, commercial vehicles, and private car segments.

Enhanced user experience, rugged design, and safety are key focus areas for VOLANSYS. Our services include cloud analytics, image processing, providing connectivity to build full-proof and secure automotive solutions for new edge cars, and advanced fleet management systems for Enterprises. We provide end-to-end hardware and software design services matching industry standards, RF connectivity, and manufacturing services for connected automotive solution development.

Delivering Smart
Automotive Solutions

Digital Transformation

Converting legacy automotive systems to new-age connected ones with multi-RF connectivity support

Rugged Systems Design

Industrial-grade hardware and solution design with end-to-end validation and testing

Fleet Management Solution

GPS-based tracking, live video streaming, efficiency parameters measurement, cloud data storage/analytics

Predictive Analysis and Maintenance

Collecting vehicle data on the cloud and running algorithms on the basis of the predictive analysis

Enhanced Passenger/Driver Experience

Integrating in-vehicle infotainment systems, smart parking, driver assistance, advanced navigation, V2X, automated health emergency management, etc


Wireless Charging

Designing wireless charging nodes for electric vehicle charging systems and autonomous vehicles

Rugged Hardware Design

Design and certify the rugged, fail-safe hardware system to function in adverse temperatures (-45o to 100o C), humidity, shock and vibration condition

Advanced Driver Assistant System

Train data and build Machine Learning models to detect objects on road & improve driver/vehicle safety

Multi-radio Connectivity

Develop multi-RF systems supporting protocols viz. LoRAWAN, Zigbee, BLE, BT, Sub GHz, LTE, Wi-Fi, CAN, LIN, etc.

Retrofit Solutions

Enable connectivity in existing vehicles to leverage solution benefits

In-vehicle Infotainment System

Develop an intelligent voice assistant system and integrate it with internet-connected services such as maps, on-demand entertainment systems

Real-time Attribute Measurement

Sensor integration and deployment to monitor various attributes and predictive maintenance alert

Automotive Standard Compliance

Ensure MISRA C & AUTOSAR standards including object code, stack, link, re-entrance analysis, structural code coverage analysis & AAOS support


Our unique multi-domain competency in key areas such as multimedia, IoT, and automotive enable us in delivering efficient automotive solutions

We design, develop new systems and re-engineer legacy solutions to accommodate new business objectives

Dedicated solution certification team for FCC, IC, CE, IEC, UL, CSA, IP67, ISO and MIL-STD-810 standards. Rugged, fail-safe hardware system design with validation, reliability and compliance testing

Partnership with chip manufacturing giants like NXP, Marvell, Texas Instrument, SILAB and cloud partners like AWS, Microsoft Azure, ClearBlade, Ayla networks, etc allowing us to have early access to their new edge automotive solution for our customers

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