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IoTify Overview

IoTify is a flexible, secure, and feature-rich multi-platform IoT cloud & mobile app framework to create IoT solutions with AI/ML capabilities. IoTify caters to all the needs of IoT solution providers including cloud, mobile app, and integrated IoT gateway to build a variety of industry applications. It offers fully managed platform service functionality such as device management, device monitoring, device reporting, device maintenance, firmware OTA updates, AI/ML configuration management, data flow control, data security, device event & action, device notification, rule engine, OEM dashboard, and user management. Based on our different OEM models you can get full control of all these functionalities to make changes as per your business needs. Also, you can build the solution using IoTify on different popular cloud platforms such as AWS Cloud, Ayla Networks, and many more to support in the future. Overall it is a one-stop solution for IoT solution providers and OEMs looking forward to starting building their own IoT solutions on the platform having lots of pre-built functionality, pre-integrated gateways CENTAURI 200 & HomeBridge, and ready to use business application templates for different industries.

Ready to Market Solution
Ready to Market Solution

OEMs can quickly build their application to market industry solution using our pre-integrated IoT Cloud, Mobile App and IoT Gateway solution

Hassle-free Maintenance
Hassle-free Maintenance

Utilize our expertise of maintaining the IoT Solution based on different cloud platform so that you can focus more on adding values in end user application

Highly Secure & Scalable
Highly Secure & Scalable

OEMs can do mass deployment using our custom build functionality while maintaining the best in class security for Device & User data at all the level

Development Support
Development Support

Create IoT Solution based on IoTify with the help of our experts’ team to develop your own custom functionality to add more values in your solution

Feature Highlights

AI/ML Model Training & Deployment
Cloud APIs For Development
MQTT & HTTP Based Secured Communication
Device & User Management
Live Alerts & Notifications
Secure OTA Support
Live Dashboard
Mass Deployment

Why IoTify?

Quick & Easy Integration

IoTify solution provides complete flexibility to OEMs to deploy it as a stand-alone platform, gateway management platform and provides APIs to transfer the data to a private cloud. OEMs can quickly integrate new gateways, devices, and services with easy deployment using CI/CD and DevOps.

Highly Secured

Providing end to end security of user-data and device-data is our first priority. We have enabled secured MQTTS & HTTPS based communication between cloud, gateway, and mobile with additional user management, secure OTA and additional custom-built security layers.


Real-time Dashboard

IoTify solution provides flexibility in building custom OEM dashboard to monitor, manage and control all the users, devices and other service activities related to different customer applications. OEMs can manage things in real-time using gateway management, end device management, user management, OTA management, gateway monitoring, and real-time notification functionality using the dashboard.

Variety of Gateways Supported

IoTify solution supports various fully integrated gateways to target home automation, enterprise automation, and industrial automation applications. VOLANSYS HomeBridge, Modular IoT Gateway, and CENTAURI series gateways are integrated with IoTify solution to leverage further to build different industry applications.


AI/ML Capabilities

Develop intelligent solutions for different industries using IoTify AI/ML framework support on Cloud and Gateway. Train your model using sensor data on Cloud and deploy the trained model on Gateway to detect an anomaly on the sensor data and inform the cloud for necessary action. The model training has adoptive learning capabilities using sensor data for accurate results.

Development Support

Customers looking to improve their solution by continuous development according to their consumer needs will get full support on the IoTify platform by our team of experts. OEMs can build innovative features on the platform to create differentiation in end-user applications with the help of our complete development and maintenance support for the cloud, gateway and mobile app platform.


SDK/API for Development

IoTify solution empowers OEMs to build IoT solutions quickly with lower upfront development costs & achieving faster time to market. VOLANSYS offers feature-rich SDK and cloud API for mobile app, gateway and other cloud connections for hassle-free development.

Key Applications

Smart Home Automation

Control Z-Wave, Zigbee, and BLE based Home Automation end devices through the cloud, Voice assistant or other Home control protocols.

Smart Industrial Automation

Get real-time data from all IoT enabled Industrial Equipments and Machines to improve Safety, Security, Productivity, and Quality.

Smart Asset Tracking

Real-time fleet management, Predictive asset maintenance, Storage condition control, Floating asset tracking using LTE Gateway functionality.

Smart Retail & Hospitality

Create a personalized customer experience and improve services by integrating Smart tags, Smart displays, Smart shelves, and Smart POS devices.

Smart Healthcare

Integrate Panic button, BMI indicator, Heart-bit, Blood pressure, Body temperature and Air quality sensor on a single platform.

Smart Building Automation

Make building a more efficient place by Smart energy, Smart water, and Smart climate management using IoT based automation.



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