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Case Study Category: Cloud


Developed ERI Device Monitoring Application for a US-based leading Electronic Manufacturing Company

US based leading developer and manufacturer of electrical resistivity and IP imaging hardware and software The client was looking for a technology partner who could help them develop web-application that works in both online and offline mode for monitoring and analyzing…

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Cloud Application Performance and Storage Cost Optimization for US-Based Leading POS Display Manufacturer

US based manufacturer of interactive touchscreen displays, monitors, POS devices and more. The client was looking for a technology partner to improve cloud applications performance and storage cost optimization for highly in demand SaaS based application Reviewed application architecture and identified…

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Banner Embedded Engineering Hardware Engineering Automotive

Connected Wheel & Fleet Management Solution for a US-Based Automotive Company

US based technology company offering solutions for transportation industry. The client was looking for an engineering partner to help them develop a cloud connected solution for fleet tire monitoring that can provide real-time alerts to drivers and logistic companies about tire…

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Banner Cloud Engineering Industrial IoT

Azure Cloud Connected Elevator Solution Development for Leading US-Based Company

US based smart elevator solution provider for commercial and industrial elevators Client wanted to design and implement proactive, condition-based, predictive elevator solution to enable any service provider or facility manager to manage system and provide services using the data driven insights…

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Banner Hardware Engineering Software Engineering Medical/Healthcare

Connected Endoscopy Device for a Leading US-Based Smart Healthcare Company

US-based healthcare company, Endoluxe developing innovative healthcare solutions and platforms for endoscopic procedures. The client was looking for a technology partner to design a portable and connected endoscopy vision system with robust data storage and retrieval. The product would need to…

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Banner Embedded Engineering Cloud Engineering Home Automation

AWS Cloud Connected Managed Solution for a US-Based Home Security Solution Provider

US based company providing managed home security solutions for remote control and monitoring The client wanted to launch managed security and home automation solutions for their end-customers They were looking for a technology partner that can work collaboratively with them to…

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Banner Cloud Connected App Engineering Others

Smart Secure Digital Identity Based Solution for a Leading US-Based Technology Company

US-based technology company, providing innovative digital identity solutions. The client was looking for a company that has a ready-to-market gateway and a cloud platform that can be customized to upgrade their legacy digital identity solutions VOLANSYS CENTAURI 200 IoT gateway and…

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Banner Cloud Embedded Engineering Medical/Healthcare

Health Monitoring Solution Integrated with CENTAURI 200 IoT Gateway for a US-Based Company

US based leading company, providing innovative and high-quality healthcare solutions, specifically for elderly people. The client was looking for a customized OEM gateway solution that can be easily integrated with their DMZ cloud and utilize the current Z-Wave and BLE device…

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Banner Cloud Data Engineering Home Automation

Data Engineering on Unstructured Dataset using AWS for US-Based Home Automation Company

US based OEM producing HVAC equipment, water heaters and boilers for residential and commercial buildings. The client has 120K+ live devices that send 40GB data per day in an unstructured format and it keeps on growing They wanted a scalable, secure…

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AWS Based Tracking Solution using BLE & GPS Beacons for US-Based Leading Automotive Company

US-based company having 150+ years of experience in surveillance for auto dealerships & other industries. The client was looking for a software solution provider to help them build a comprehensive low-cost multi-tenant solution for inventory surveillance at the end customer’s car…

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