Azure Cloud Connected Elevator Solution Development for Leading US-Based Company

Client Overview

US based smart elevator solution provider for commercial and industrial elevators

Business Need

  • Client wanted to design and implement proactive, condition-based, predictive elevator solution to enable any service provider or facility manager to manage system and provide services using the data driven insights

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Designed and developed Azure cloud connected elevator solution for remote monitoring of elevator state, acceleration details and door tracking
  • PSOC controller to collect data and send to cloud for further processing
  • Predictive maintenance using elevator data analytics
  • Automated Fault detection, alerts and remote testing report generation
  • Role based access control system
  • Integrated elevator locations using third party mapping service ArcGIS Online
  • Azure services used: Azure Active Directory, IoT Central, Function Apps, MS SQL, Cosmos DB, Event Hub, SingalR, App Services, Storage Account and Power BI

Solution Diagram


Benefits Delivered

  • Elevator service providers or facility managers can do remote monitoring & support to prevent down-time
  • Lower maintenance cost by identifying potential problems using advanced algorithms for preventive maintenance
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