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IoTify – IoT Framework for a Leading US-Based IoT Solution Provider

Banner Internet of Things Cloud Industrial IoT

Client Overview

US-based ‘one-stop solution provider’ in the domain of IoT for different industry applications​.

Business Need

  • The client wanted to develop a highly secured and feature-rich integrated cloud, mobile app, and gateway platform that can be used to design a variety of IoT solutions

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • AWS based serverless modular architecture to enable better maintenance and higher scalability of the solution
  • Real-time dashboard to manage, monitor, and control all the user and device data
  • Cloud APIs development to enable third-party cloud or gateway communication
  • AI/ML framework with cloud and device software framework support
  • Mobile app SDK APIs for cloud connectivity
  • Yocto Warrior based open source OS support for further development
  • Gateway SDK for CENTAURI 200 and HomeBridge gateway series
  • Provided support of Zigbee, BLE, Thread, and Z-wave based basic sensor devices

Solution Diagram

Diagram Internet of Things Cloud Industrial IoT

Benefits Delivered

  • Reduced upfront investment by 50% for new IoT solution development using this framework
  • Reduced customer acquisition time for different applications needs with quick POC development in just 2 months

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