Wi-Fi Mesh Based Automated High-speed Labeling System for Leading UK-Based Company

Client Overview

Leading UK based Industrial labeling system provider of the farm products.

Business Need

  • The client wanted to develop stable and scalable Wi-Fi mesh solution of 50 nodes to manage and monitor labelling solution for fresh farm produces with the help of an android tablet

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Developed device firmware application using ESP Mesh framework to have stable connection up to 50 nodes
  • Real time labeling system specific data communication like labeling count, rate, device connection, fault indication, etc. between device nodes and android tablet application.
  • Simultaneous OTA firmware upgrade of 50 device nodes from android tablet
  • Developed android tablet application for multiple nodes commission & configuration, management and data analytics from different nodes
  • Wi-Fi Mesh stability & reliability testing with 50 node setup and Range testing for seamless connectivity

Solution Diagram


Benefits Delivered

  • Increased labeling rate efficiency and production volume by 30% with real-time fault detection and correction
  • Enabled quick and accurate decision making through consolidated labeling data analysis on android tablet application
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