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Smart Wireless HVAC Zoning System for a Leading US-Based Manufacturing Company

Banner Embedded and Hardware Engineering Industrial IoT

Client Overview

US based leading manufacturer of HVAC zoning dampers and zoning systems

Business Need

  • The client wanted to transform legacy wired HVAC zoning system into smart wireless zoning system and enable remote access to get benefit of complete remote management

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Development of AWS cloud-based web portal to monitor & manage HVAC system remotely
  • Enabled Zigbee connectivity to legacy HVAC zoning system components and leveraged CENTAURI 200 as gateway
  • NXP JN5179 based custom hardware design to control damper, HVAC & user control panel
  • Customized AWS certified CENTAURI 200 gateway for client to integrate wireless HVAC control modules & Thermostat
  • Android & iOS mobile application support to monitor & control the HVAC system by end user & system integrators
  • 1K unit manufacturing for gateway and custom hardware for client
  • FCC, UL compliance testing for the hardware designed for the solution

Solution Diagram

Diagram Embedded and Hardware Engineering Industrial IoT

Benefits Delivered

  • Reduced installation & maintenance cost by 20% with managed HVAC zoning system
  • Improved user experience with remote access through mobile app
  • Enabled intelligent business decisions with cloud-based data processing

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