Thermal Sensor Application for Human Presence Detection for a Leading Sensor Technology Provider

Client Overview

A global leader in the field of automation having a core-business in sensor technology.

Business Need

  • To demonstrate the capability of recently developed thermal solution in the market client was looking for a technology partner to develop an application to showcase their solution to their end-client for quick validation

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Development of application that controls the thermal sensor and actuator as per the user-configurable parameters
  • Selecting the right actuator and development kit to drive sensor mechanical assembly
  • Evaluation board (2JCIE-EV01-RP1) integration with sensor and actuators
  • Raspberry Pi based application to read temperature data over I2C and rotate the sensor assembly
  • Integration of the sensors and motor with the mechanical ID design
  • Streaming of sensor data to PC and display in the GUI
  • Unit and functional testing of the entire system

Solution Diagram


Benefits Delivered

  • The application is helping the client to penetrate the new market by enabling end customer to quickly validate their application in different segments
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