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Modernization of Stock Management Process Using VOLANSYS’ Modular IoT Gateway

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Client Overview

A fortune 500 company having chain of fast-food restaurants across the globe.

Business Need

  • The client wanted to improve their food inventory management system. For the same, they wanted to develop a connected solution to track the food stock status, available in the factory
  • They also wanted the solution should ensure timely delivery of the food packets, usage of food and after the expiry, the food will be trashed itself

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Developed an innovative solution by inserting RFID tags on the food containers for tracking
  • Deployed VOLANSYS’ Modular IoT Gateway based on i.MX6UL SOM in the restaurants to gather packets information from RFID tags
  • Integrated tags with Ayla cloud software where it is stored & processed using Blockchain technology
  • Designed  custom gateway firmware for the solution including integration of RFID reader libraries and cloud agent
  • Integrated RFID readers (Impinj and Zebra), gateway, cloud, & temp. sensors
  • Cloud app for processing & sending the information over Wi-Fi/ Cellular
  • Developed algorithms to remove duplicate tags, cloud connectivity & storage of ~100K tags information

Solution Diagram

Diagram Embedded Engineering Retail

Benefits Delivered

  • Efficient management of food inventory with smarter workflows, reduced supply-chain cost, visibility across all warehouses/locations
  • In-time trashing of expired food to save the users from accidentally serving expired food

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