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Fresh Food Dispensing from Connected Freezer for a US-Based Retail Leaders

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Client Overview

US-based leading retail chain providing nutritionally advised and fresh-frozen food items.

Business Need

  • The client wanted to convert their legacy freezer to a smart and connected one where the inventory stocks present in the freezer can be managed remotely and the customer can operate through mobile app

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Developed ESP32 based Gateway solution to monitor the inventory food items inside the freezer and communicate to the cloud
  • Gateway connectivity via Wi-Fi, 4G LTE
  • Integrated and configured RFID reader & Antenna to perform at -20 deg.C inside the freezer
  • Developed logic to identify inventory sales from the freezer once the door is locked
  • Integrated door lock sensor & temperature sensor with Gateway 
  • Monitor freezer temperature remotely and closes the door automatically with increase temperature beyond 10 deg.C
  • Integrated Microsoft Azure IoT device SDK with Gateway
  • Developed mobile application and integrated features – freezer QR id code scanner, lock & unlock freezer door based on membership, auto payment, etc.

Solution Diagram

Diagram Connected App Embedded Engineering Retail

Benefits Delivered

  • Automated freezer lock/unlock, temperature monitoring, and inventory management in the freezer helps doing better logistics and food supply & waste management
  • Scalable business model to install thousands of multiple freezers at multiple locations and monitor food inventory in freezer remotely

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