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Upgrading i.MX8 based Highly Secured Network Device for US-Based Smart Network Security Provider

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Client Overview

US-based company providing highly secured next-generation smart network security solutions, specializing in access and extraction.

Business Need

  • The client’s existing network security solution was based on i.MX6 SOM platform. They needed hardware & firmware experts to enhance the security solution with additional high-security features
  • They also required consultation for selecting the processor, based on certain parameters for ease of application development, maintenance, and support in the future

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Complete product engineering solution including hardware, firmware, and mechanical design
  • Physical and software security by implementing tamper detection, secure boot & OTA and image authentication and encrypted filesystem
  • Dual ARM processor (quad core) architecture
  • SI simulation for memory, PCIe, Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Thermal simulation
  • Pre-compliance and final certification for compliance to FCC, CE standards to cover various geographic regions

Solution Diagram

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Benefits Delivered

  • Delivered robust and reliable product along with pre-compliance & final certification that enabled the client to increase their market reach
  • Complement the customer’s engineering team to expedite the overall schedule and time-to-market

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