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Developed Z-Wave 700 Enabled Next-gen Fire Safety Door Devices with Embedded Engineering Services

Banner Embedded Engineering Home Automation

Client Overview

US based company offering lifesaving smart devices for the event of fire.

Business Need

  • The client wanted to launch their new-age fire safety devices pre-integrated with leading smart home hubs available in the market over wireless connectivity and certify the product for Z-Wave, FCC and UL providing them an edge in the market

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Integrated Off-The-Shelf Z-Wave 700 module with client board using MikroBus
  • Modified firmware of PIC SoC to support Z-Wave 700
  • Enhanced host application to receive Unicast/broadcast messages from hub for events such as smoke detection, reset, etc.
  • Added OTA firmware upgrade for host processor and Z-Wave module
  • Integrated with industry leading smart home hub
  • FCC & Z-Wave Plus v2 certifications

Solution Diagram

Diagram Embedded Engineering Home Automation

Benefits Delivered

  • Accelerated product development and launch timeline by 20% by leveraging VOLANSYS’ proven and ready-to-use Z-Wave 700 module

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