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Case Study Category: Home Automation

Smart water leak detection solution

Zigbee 3.0 and Wi-Fi based Home Water Leak Detection System

US-based leading company providing complete home water leak detection solutions The client wanted to develop a low-power gateway solution that can communicate with smart sensors to provide real-time alerts for leakage detection as well as prevent flooding by controlling the appropriate…

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Z-wave based smart home and building solution

Z-Wave Devices Integration using VOLANSYS CENTAURI 200 IoT Gateway Platform​

US based company in the field of energy grid providing innovative solutions of energy ecosystem & consumer smart energy devices The client wanted to build a smart solution to connect homes and buildings comprising of Z-Wave devices. The solution required an…

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Banner Embedded Engineering Cloud Engineering Home Automation

AWS Cloud Connected Managed Solution for a US-Based Home Security Solution Provider

US based company providing managed home security solutions for remote control and monitoring The client wanted to launch managed security and home automation solutions for their end-customers They were looking for a technology partner that can work collaboratively with them to…

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Banner Manufacturing Mechanical Design Engineering Home Automation

Customized HomeBridge Gateway Design with a new Mechanical Enclosure for a Home Automation Company

A white-labeled custom gateway solution for a leading manufacturer in home water protection. The client wanted to re-design water mitigation solution with better aesthetic design: They also needed a complete home water monitoring solution to monitor the home 24/7 for water…

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Banner Connected App Embedded Engineering Home Automation

IBM Cloud Connected Gateway with BLE Devices Integration for a Leading Home Automation Solution Provider

Australia based leading manufacturer of building fixtures and fittings for commercials premises. The client wanted to technologically upgrade their connected sanitary appliances solution Leveraged CENTAURI 200 platform for gateway and integrated the BLE based connectable devices such as water closet, wash…

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Banner Connected App Embedded Engineering Home Automation

Developed CTA-2045 Compliant Wi-Fi Bridge Solution for a Leading Home Automation Product Manufacturer

US based leading manufacturer of water heating, space heating, and water storage products. The client was looking for an IoT solution engineering partner to help them in building a CTA-2045 compliant Wi-Fi bridge to enable connectivity between their product & cloud…

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Banner Data Engineering Home Automation

Cloud Data Analytics along with Mobile App & Gateway Firmware Optimization using Data Engineering

Cloud Data Analytics along with Mobile App & Gateway Firmware Optimization. The client was looking for a technology partner to help them reduce the increasing cost of cloud data transactions from their 5K+ field devices keeping the end-user experience intact Captured…

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Implemented WPA2 EAP-PEAP Enterprise Security Solution for US-Based Company

US based OEM producing HVAC system including water heaters and boilers for residential/commercial buildings The client was looking for a technology partner with expertise in Wi-Fi security to help them upgrade their Wi-Fi modules to meet industrial requirements Migrated firmware from…

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Banner Cloud Data Engineering Home Automation

Data Engineering on Unstructured Dataset using AWS for US-Based Home Automation Company

US based OEM producing HVAC equipment, water heaters and boilers for residential and commercial buildings. The client has 120K+ live devices that send 40GB data per day in an unstructured format and it keeps on growing They wanted a scalable, secure…

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Developed Wi-Fi Bridge on AWS Cloud for US-Based Home Automation Solution Manufacturer

US based manufacturer of HVAC system and water heaters for residential & commercial buildings. The client was looking for a technology partner to develop a solution that can reduce the huge infrastructure cost of managing 75K+ connected field devices Developed Wi-Fi…

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