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Case Study Category: Embedded Engineering

Mobile app based smart air purifier

Integrated AWS Cloud and Mobile App with Air Purifier for a US-Based Company

Ideal Living, a US-based technology company, develops innovative solutions for health, wellness, and the home environment. The client wanted to upgrade their legacy air purifier into a smart and connected one that allows the user to manage and control the air…

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Banner Embedded Hardware Software Engineering Consumer Electronics

Developed Thread & ZigBee Powered Commercial Building Management using VOLANSYS Modular Gateway

A leading US based lighting and controls manufacturer delivering technical solutions for all creative lighting requirements. The client was looking for a technology partner who can enhance existing ZigBee and Thread based lighting product’s capabilities, implement Gateway solution in short time…

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Developed Smart Stove Sensor for Leading US-Based Elderly Care Solution Provider

US-based leading company providing innovative and high-quality healthcare solutions, specifically for elderly people. The client was looking for a technology partner who can design and develop Z-Wave based battery-operated stove sensor solution so that the elderly patient at home can manage…

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Thermal Sensor Application for Human Presence Detection for a Leading Sensor Technology Provider

A global leader in the field of automation having a core-business in sensor technology. To demonstrate the capability of recently developed thermal solution in the market client was looking for a technology partner to develop an application to showcase their solution…

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Banner Embedded Engineering Consumer Electronics

Cloud Connected Smart Padlocks for a Leading US-Based Consumer Durable Manufacturer in Security Segment

US based manufacturer of smart locks, providing reliability and safety for consumers and businesses. The client was looking for a technology partner to help them transform their existing padlock solution to a connected and scalable one Leveraged VOLANSYS’ HomeBridge gateway platform…

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Smart lighting solution for agriculture

BLE Mesh-based Lighting Solution for Agriculture

US-based leading manufacturer of lighting solutions for controlled environment farming/horticulture applications The client was looking for an  easy-to-customize solution that can be deployed in the field, in a predefined timeline, for pre-booked customer orders Designed and developed the application using Centauri…

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Low Power Image Transfer Solution for Occupancy Sensing Solution for Leading Semiconductor Company

US-based leading semiconductor company offering innovative solutions for digital transformation. The client wanted to add a low-cost and low-power image transfer solution over BLE to its embedded computer vision platform targeted for occupancy sensing solutions Identified and integrated suitable low-cost and…

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Z-wave based smart home and building solution

Z-Wave Devices Integration using VOLANSYS CENTAURI 200 IoT Gateway Platform​

US based company in the field of energy grid providing innovative solutions of energy ecosystem & consumer smart energy devices The client wanted to build a smart solution to connect homes and buildings comprising of Z-Wave devices. The solution required an…

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Banner Embedded Engineering Hardware Engineering Automotive

Connected Wheel & Fleet Management Solution for a US-Based Automotive Company

US based technology company offering solutions for transportation industry. The client was looking for an engineering partner to help them develop a cloud connected solution for fleet tire monitoring that can provide real-time alerts to drivers and logistic companies about tire…

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Banner Hardware Engineering Software Engineering Medical/Healthcare

Connected Endoscopy Device for a Leading US-Based Smart Healthcare Company

US-based healthcare company, Endoluxe developing innovative healthcare solutions and platforms for endoscopic procedures. The client was looking for a technology partner to design a portable and connected endoscopy vision system with robust data storage and retrieval. The product would need to…

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