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Case Study Category: Connected App

Banner Connected App internet of Things engineering Consumer Electronics

BLE Based Connected Application for a Leading US-Based Home Comfort Product Manufacturer

US-based leading manufacturer of home comfort products such as cooking grill, innovative fireplaces and heating/cooling systems. To stay with the competition and for the business growth, the client was looking for a technology partner to design mobile applications for their connected…

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Low Power Image Transfer Solution for Occupancy Sensing Solution for Leading Semiconductor Company

US-based leading semiconductor company offering innovative solutions for digital transformation. The client wanted to add a low-cost and low-power image transfer solution over BLE to its embedded computer vision platform targeted for occupancy sensing solutions Identified and integrated suitable low-cost and…

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Banner Embedded Engineering Cloud Engineering Home Automation

AWS Cloud Connected Managed Solution for a US-Based Home Security Solution Provider

US based company providing managed home security solutions for remote control and monitoring The client wanted to launch managed security and home automation solutions for their end-customers They were looking for a technology partner that can work collaboratively with them to…

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Banner Connected App Embedded Engineering Industrial IoT

Wi-Fi Mesh Based Automated High-speed Labeling System for Leading UK-Based Company

Leading UK based Industrial labeling system provider of the farm products. The client wanted to develop stable and scalable Wi-Fi mesh solution of 50 nodes to manage and monitor labelling solution for fresh farm produces with the help of an android…

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Banner Cloud Connected App Engineering Others

Smart Secure Digital Identity Based Solution for a Leading US-Based Technology Company

US-based technology company, providing innovative digital identity solutions. The client was looking for a company that has a ready-to-market gateway and a cloud platform that can be customized to upgrade their legacy digital identity solutions VOLANSYS CENTAURI 200 IoT gateway and…

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Banner Connected App Embedded Engineering Home Automation

IBM Cloud Connected Gateway with BLE Devices Integration for a Leading Home Automation Solution Provider

Australia based leading manufacturer of building fixtures and fittings for commercials premises. The client wanted to technologically upgrade their connected sanitary appliances solution Leveraged CENTAURI 200 platform for gateway and integrated the BLE based connectable devices such as water closet, wash…

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Banner Connected App Embedded Engineering Home Automation

Developed CTA-2045 Compliant Wi-Fi Bridge Solution for a Leading Home Automation Product Manufacturer

US based leading manufacturer of water heating, space heating, and water storage products. The client was looking for an IoT solution engineering partner to help them in building a CTA-2045 compliant Wi-Fi bridge to enable connectivity between their product & cloud…

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AWS Based Tracking Solution using BLE & GPS Beacons for US-Based Leading Automotive Company

US-based company having 150+ years of experience in surveillance for auto dealerships & other industries. The client was looking for a software solution provider to help them build a comprehensive low-cost multi-tenant solution for inventory surveillance at the end customer’s car…

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Banner Internet of Things Cloud Industrial IoT

IoTify – IoT Framework for a Leading US-Based IoT Solution Provider

US-based ‘one-stop solution provider’ in the domain of IoT for different industry applications​. The client wanted to develop a highly secured and feature-rich integrated cloud, mobile app, and gateway platform that can be used to design a variety of IoT solutions…

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Banner Embedded Engineering Hardware Engineering Medical/Healthcare

Smart Low-Cost Eye Diagnostic System for US-Based Healthcare Company

US-based start-up company developing smart eye diagnostic solution to replace traditional eye care instrument. The client wanted to build a low-cost smart eye diagnostic solution that captures corneal topographers’ images and displays the processed image with clinical analysis through the Android…

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