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Case Study Category: Internet Of Things

Smart water leak detection solution

Zigbee 3.0 and Wi-Fi based Home Water Leak Detection System

US-based leading company providing complete home water leak detection solutions The client wanted to develop a low-power gateway solution that can communicate with smart sensors to provide real-time alerts for leakage detection as well as prevent flooding by controlling the appropriate…

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Banner Connected App internet of Things engineering Consumer Electronics

BLE Based Connected Application for a Leading US-Based Home Comfort Product Manufacturer

US-based leading manufacturer of home comfort products such as cooking grill, innovative fireplaces and heating/cooling systems. To stay with the competition and for the business growth, the client was looking for a technology partner to design mobile applications for their connected…

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Banner Cloud Connected App Engineering Others

Smart Secure Digital Identity Based Solution for a Leading US-Based Technology Company

US-based technology company, providing innovative digital identity solutions. The client was looking for a company that has a ready-to-market gateway and a cloud platform that can be customized to upgrade their legacy digital identity solutions VOLANSYS CENTAURI 200 IoT gateway and…

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Banner Cloud Embedded Engineering Medical/Healthcare

Health Monitoring Solution Integrated with CENTAURI 200 IoT Gateway for a US-Based Company

US based leading company, providing innovative and high-quality healthcare solutions, specifically for elderly people. The client was looking for a customized OEM gateway solution that can be easily integrated with their DMZ cloud and utilize the current Z-Wave and BLE device…

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Banner Machine Learning Cloud Industrial IoT

AI/ML-Driven Preventive Maintenance and Failure Detection System for US-Based Industrial IoT Company

US-based ‘one stop solution provider’ in the domain of IoT for different industry applications​​. The client wanted to design a smart system to identify the abnormal behavior of the industrial machinery for preventive maintenance or failure detection Deployment of IoTify framework…

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Banner Internet of Things Cloud Industrial IoT

IoTify – IoT Framework for a Leading US-Based IoT Solution Provider

US-based ‘one-stop solution provider’ in the domain of IoT for different industry applications​. The client wanted to develop a highly secured and feature-rich integrated cloud, mobile app, and gateway platform that can be used to design a variety of IoT solutions…

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Banner Cloud Software Engineering Industrial IoT

AWS Cloud Enabled Integrated IoT Platform for Industrial IoT Applications

US-based ‘one stop solution provider’ in the domain of IoT for different industry applications. The client was looking for a technology partner to help them in building a highly secure and scalable integrated IoT platform for their different industry customers to…

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Banner Connected App Embedded Engineering Home Automation

Zigbee and Wi-Fi based Connected Bathroom Integrated with VOLANSYS’ HomeBridge Gateway

North America based supplier and manufacturer of bathroom accessories. To increase the market share, the client wanted to expand the business by providing connected accessories as well as an overall bathing experience as an additional value-added service They wanted to develop…

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