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Designed Moisture Sensor Prototype Compliant with IP-65 using Mechanical Design Engineering


Client Overview

US-based leaders providing high technology instrumentation solutions for a wide range of applications.

Business Need

  • The client was looking for a design proven partner to help them in cost optimization by improving the design to reduce form factor and the assembly time of the existing moisture sensor

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Development of next-generation sensor with reduced form factor as per the new dimension requirements
  • Hardware design and development including schematics entry, PCB layout, Gerber release for final design
  • Hardware prototyping and EDVT including PCB fabrication and assembly, EDVT testing and validation with capacitance box by simulating different level of wetness using capacitance box and calibrate the sensor
  • Mechanical enclosure drawing modification and prototyping with SS material, CNC tooling based mechanical proto development, IP65 testing
  • RoHS, CE, and ATEX – Zone 2 pre-compliance for Hazloc compliance

Solution Diagram

Benefits Delivered

  • Helped client in reducing the form-factor of the device by approx 45% and cost by 25% due to reduced size
  • Due to the revised electronics design client is having a clear roadmap for the next 5 years due to longer EOL for those components

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