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Case Study Category: Industrial IoT


Developed ERI Device Monitoring Application for a US-based leading Electronic Manufacturing Company

US based leading developer and manufacturer of electrical resistivity and IP imaging hardware and software The client was looking for a technology partner who could help them develop web-application that works in both online and offline mode for monitoring and analyzing…

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Thermal Sensor Application for Human Presence Detection for a Leading Sensor Technology Provider

A global leader in the field of automation having a core-business in sensor technology. To demonstrate the capability of recently developed thermal solution in the market client was looking for a technology partner to develop an application to showcase their solution…

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Electrical Structure Monitoring Solution for Leading US-Based Energy Company

US based leading energy company delivering electric, gas and steam service to 10M+ people. The client was looking for a technology partner to build an intelligent inspection solution for their 250K+ underground electric structures to reduce the cost involved and dependency…

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Banner Cloud Engineering Industrial IoT

Azure Cloud Connected Elevator Solution Development for Leading US-Based Company

US based smart elevator solution provider for commercial and industrial elevators Client wanted to design and implement proactive, condition-based, predictive elevator solution to enable any service provider or facility manager to manage system and provide services using the data driven insights…

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Banner Connected App Embedded Engineering Industrial IoT

Wi-Fi Mesh Based Automated High-speed Labeling System for Leading UK-Based Company

Leading UK based Industrial labeling system provider of the farm products. The client wanted to develop stable and scalable Wi-Fi mesh solution of 50 nodes to manage and monitor labelling solution for fresh farm produces with the help of an android…

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Banner Machine Learning engineering Industrial IoT

Machine Learning Based Application using Time-of-Flight Camera Sensors for a Leading Manufacturer

Global manufacturer of advance electronic devices/components in the field of automation. The client was looking for a technology partner to help them design a solution for human detection & further analysis for their B2B customers in the domain of buildings &…

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Hardware Engineering to Enhance Product Offerings for a US-Based Industrial IoT Company

US-based leading innovator of high energy ignition and flame detection technology products. The client wanted to enhance the existing products to reduce the BOM cost to cater the new market applications The new design with zero variance in track sizes, pitch,…

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Miniaturization of Board Design

SBC with PICO-ITX Form-factor Based on i.MX8M Application Processor

US-based engineering and manufacturing company providing embedded computing solutions through a variety of products The client wanted to expand their product portfolio with the latest NXP i.MX8M Quad-core industrial-grade processor in PICO-ITX form factor Designed and developed PICO-ITX form factor SBC…

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Designed Moisture Sensor Prototype Compliant with IP-65 using Mechanical Design Engineering

US-based leaders providing high technology instrumentation solutions for a wide range of applications. The client was looking for a design proven partner to help them in cost optimization by improving the design to reduce form factor and the assembly time of…

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Banner Machine Learning Cloud Industrial IoT

AI/ML-Driven Preventive Maintenance and Failure Detection System for US-Based Industrial IoT Company

US-based ‘one stop solution provider’ in the domain of IoT for different industry applications​​. The client wanted to design a smart system to identify the abnormal behavior of the industrial machinery for preventive maintenance or failure detection Deployment of IoTify framework…

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