Cloud Application Performance and Storage Cost Optimization for US-Based Leading POS Display Manufacturer

Client Overview

US based manufacturer of interactive touchscreen displays, monitors, POS devices and more.

Business Need

  • The client was looking for a technology partner to improve cloud applications performance and storage cost optimization for highly in demand SaaS based application

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Reviewed application architecture and identified database discrepancies which resulted in very high consumption of disk space, unnecessarily increased the operational costs and degraded the application performance
  • Integrated the Azure Blob Service in the application and uploaded all content-related application supported files to Azure Blob storage
  • Provided reference of the uploaded files in the local database, thus transferring the content-related dependencies to Azure
  • Redirected and stored device’s uploaded files to the Blob storage
  • Stored reference metadata in the local database for the user to download and analyze

Solution Diagram


Benefits Delivered

  • Improved application performance by 50% via unnecessary files clean up function and reduced database size
  • Reduced overall storage cost up to 60% with Azure Blob storage that provided 24*7 content availability and minimum downtime
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