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Weather Data Monitoring and Analytics Solution for a Global Industrial IoT Company

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Client Overview

Omron is a global manufacturer of advanced electronic devices/components in the field of automation.

Business Need

  • The client wanted a technology partner to help them develop a solution to collect and store their environment sensors’ data (Acceleration, Barometric pressure, Humidity, etc.) in real time and analyze correlation between other data which are separately collected (e.g. weather, comfortable index)​

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Architected a cloud-based Machine Learning solution, including Web Application using AWS Managed Services
  • Developed Server Sent Events (SSE) App for real-time data transmission from sensors, implemented ML script to perform preprocessing on data based on “Change Content” operation like average, max & difference, etc.
  • Developed Web App to customize users’ settings & dashboard for retrieved environment sensors’ data using Amazon Cognito, Lambda & API gateway
  • Cloud implementation & auto deployment using AWS Managed Services
  • Developed script to calculate AWS pricing based on file size, processing time & storage
  • Processed CSV files stored on S3 Bucket upon confirmation using AWS SageMaker

Solution Diagram

Diagram Cloud Software Engineering Industrial IoT

Benefits Delivered

  • Enabled client to know the exact data processing cost in advance by integrating AWS services calculator script with the web application to avoid unnecessary operations
  • Helped up-sell client’s sensors with weather detection and prediction applications using AWS Managed Services

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