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Cloud or On-Prem Multi Tenants MFA Solution for a Leading US-Based MFA Solution Provider

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Client Overview

For a US based company recognized as a Top 10 MFA solution provider for 2020.

Business Need

  • The client wanted to migrate their legacy multi-factor authentication solution to the latest technology to support every possible environment.
  • They also required a concrete test plan to curb regression issues and maximize the performance of the solution

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Created improvised version of the solution in .Net Core which can be installed and run-on Windows as well as on Linux server
  • Adopted Code First approach using “Entity Framework” for database provider selection during on-prem installation
  • Created extensive GUI for new MFA server
  • Adopted DevOps approach and implemented CI/CD for existing code base
  • Wrote approx. ~600 test cases for regression testing of the entire solution including On-Prem windows application
  • Created Automation Script in the Robot framework of the entire solution
  • It is compatible with databases like SQL, MySQL, SQLite, etc.

Solution Diagram

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Benefits Delivered

  • Reduced testing time by less than 15 hours with automation testing which took around 1.5 months in manual testing
  • Made abstracted architecture platform/OS independent, allowing customer to use commercial or opensource solution

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