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Web Application to Automate Report Generation for a Leading US-Based Technology Solution Provider

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Client Overview

US based technology company providing advanced technology engineering services and solutions across various industries.

Business Need

  • The client had an existing salesforce solution however the process to check revenue associated with each potential and purchase orders was carried out manually. Thus, the client wanted to automate the revenue report generation and save the sales manager’s time allowing them to focus on sales

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • Developed web application using Angular, Node.js, NoSQL & MongoDB
  • Enabled data integration with salesforce and automated export to google sheets
  • Provided Google OAuth2 authentication
  • PO Actual, PO forecast and monthly revenue projection report generation based on fields: salesperson, fiscal year, and month range
  • Potential project, accrued and to be accrued potential projects search functionality based on status: closed won, proposal sent, and in discussion stage potentials
  • Enabled domain wise revenue sheet finding for each potential
  • Data preparation of actual accrued PO, forecasting PO, month wise and revenues for domain, month & salesperson
  • Hit Google Spreadsheet API (Google SDK) with the same Google OAuth2 token to update the data into spreadsheet

Solution Diagram

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Benefits Delivered

  • Automated revenue report generation, reducing sales team’s time and efforts
  • Reduced chances of human errors in reports

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