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Zigbee, Wi-Fi Gateway Testing using Python based Test Automation Framework

Gateway Testing using Python based Test Automation Framework

Client Overview

US based leading IoT cloud platform provider enables major consumer brands to transform products into connected devices.

Business Need

  • The client wanted a technology partner to Test Zigbee Wi-Fi Gateway APIs, simulate every scenarios without actual hardware dependency of small appliance, check API portability for various embedded platforms,  develop network error injection test infrastructure and support for portable Beagle bone based and PC based end device simulators as well as actual devices

VOLANSYS Contribution

  • IoT bridge library APIs verification and validation with device simulator
  • C/C++ library APIs testing
  • gcov and lcov report generated at the end of code coverage testing 
  • Code review testing using valgrind with report
  • Enabled support for unit, integration, functional, smoke, end-to-end, regression & load testing
  • Automated functionality testing for various embedded device platforms
  • Easy configuration for multiple device discovery, device registration & device removal
  • WAN (Cloud) and LAN connectivity support
  • Industry standard encryption for message exchange

Solution Diagram

IoT Test Automation Framework for Gateway Testing

Benefits Delivered

  • Achieved 95% automation using simulator tool
  • Simulated up to 200K devices in all scenarios without actual hardware dependency
  • Ability to test with 20 end device simulators and 100 users simultaneously

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