Social Responsibility

For a Better Tomorrow

VOLANSYS Foundation established in August 2019 is the CSR arm of VOLANSYS. During the initial years, the activities started with the objective to give something back to the society by serving food to the needy, hence it was named as “Food for Hungry”. We received immense support from our team and together we wanted to work for other causes too. Thus, the thought became bigger and we renamed this initiative as “Helping Hands”, to give our bit to the society.

The journey from ‘Food for Hungry’ to ‘VOLANSYS Foundation’ has been 5 years and we continue to grow just as our Vision: not only “Transforming Human Lives through Technological Innovation but also “Transforming Human Lives by way of giving back to the society” for generating good karma collectively.

Team at VOLANSYS has encouraged us to push our boundaries wider and wider, to spread the wings of humanity and goodness in the society.

Our activities span across various areas like
  • Distributing raw food material and vegetables
  • Distributing slippers to the children on streets
  • Distributing clothes on the footpaths
  • Distribution of grocery kits (the kit included Rice, Dal, Masala, Oil, Atta and potatoes) to TB patients
  • Medical help to needy
  • Closely working with specially abled children of Prakash School
  • Distributing mangoes to the less privileged on the streets in summer
  • Distributing Diwali snack to the people on street
  • Keeping cool water jugs on the street nr. Temple during summer season
  • Helping martyr families of Pulwama attack
  • Helping Chennai flood affected families
  • Helping Nepal earthquake affected people
  • Serving SuvarnaPrashanaSanskar to children below 16 years

We reach out to NGO’s and social activists working in fields of education, raising orphans, hospitals for cancer children to provide nutrition and other essentials as needed.

We do not want to stop here and want to do more towards helping around and in this effort we thank each one of you for being a part of VOLANSYS Foundation so that we are able to make a difference in someone’s life in our own small way.