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Zigbee Alliance Adopter Member

About Zigbee®

Zigbee® is a low-cost, low-power, IEEE 802.15.4-based wireless mesh network standard targeted at the wide development of long battery life devices in wireless control and monitoring applications. Zigbee® applications include wireless light switches, electrical meters within home displays, medical device data collection, traffic management systems and other consumer and industrial equipment that requires low-rate wireless data transfer.


What is Zigbee Alliance®?

Established in 2002, Zigbee Alliance is an open, non-profit association of members that includes multinationals, well-known public companies, governmental regulatory groups, universities and entrepreneurial start-ups. This thriving global ecosystem works together to develop green, low-power and open global wireless networking standards that connect diverse types of devices into a single network focused on monitoring, control and sensor applications. The alliance also ensures that quality Zigbee products are available for product manufacturers and their customers through the Zigbee-certified program.

VOLANSYS: Zigbee Alliance Adopter Member

As a Zigbee Alliance adopter member, VOLANSYS can access the latest Zigbee® and dotdot specifications with standards. This helps VOLANSYS to simplify wireless product integration and speed time to market while reducing costs and risks for OEMs/product manufacturers looking forward to introducing energy-efficient wireless control into their products.

As an avid adopter of Zigbee® standards, VOLANSYS has developed a greater understanding of Zigbee and dotdot stack through its adoption across multiple Zigbee-certified solutions for global customers. We have helped multiple OEMs to engineer or re-engineer their traditional products with Zigbee connectivity along with Zigbee stack validation and certification services. VOLANSYS Zigbee solution portfolio includes HomeBridge™ – A smart, secure, cost-effective and multi-function Zigbee® enabled gateway for home automation, Modular IoT Gateway for industrial automation and Modular Edge Platform to prototype IoT edge node devices.

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