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Month: June 2021


Importance of Healthcare Device Testing and its Approach

As per the Grand View Research, the smart medical devices market size is expected to reach USD 24.46 B by 2025. In today’s new-age technology era, smart and effective medical devices play a vital role in human life. Medical devices are…

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June 24_2021_select_sellular

Selecting The Right Cellular Technology for IoT Solutions

The fast growing IoT applications that demand low system complexity with longer battery life and wide range, the 3GPP has offered specialized cellular technologies like LTE-M and NB-IoT.  This has helped a massive amount of IoT devices to effectively use the…

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What Impact Will 5G IoT Use Cases Have in Healthcare?

The advent of 5G connectivity offers massive connection power that helps healthcare providers to deliver critical care on-demand. At present, 4G network and other communication technologies are widely used in healthcare for smart healthcare applications. However, as the market of smart…

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How IoT Solutions Help OEMs to Reduce Cost in the Aerospace Industry

The potential of IoT in the aviation industry is endless. By effectively utilizing IoT, the aviation industry can focus on increasing passenger safety, reducing cost, system maintenance, efficiency, security, and customer experience. The Internet of Things (IoT) is already making its…

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