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Month: July 2018


Top 6 Reasons Why Swift Is Winning Over Objective-C

For a long time, Objective-C has been the central protagonist, but since last few years, swift is taking it all over and evolving as the most popular brand for iOS app development technology. Though Swift is merely 4 years old language,…

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Implementing Micro-Services Architecture: For Building Next-Generation Cloud Applications

“Microservices” is one of the most popular buzz-words in the field of software architecture. While our first article talks about the fundamentals and benefits of microservices, in this article we will explain how enterprises can implement microservices in real-world use cases…

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7 Reasons Why React Native Holds Strong Stand In Open Source Community

Facebook has created tremendous excitement in the app market by introducing React Native framework for mobile app development. It is very important for business people and technical people to understand the importance of React native to ensure the success of their apps….

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Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) – Breaking The Network Aggregation

The networking industry is moving faster than ever before. The reason to expedite the pace lies in the network device disaggregation which leads to evolution of the white box switch concept. What enables the network disaggregation? What are the problems with…

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VOLANSYS Technologies awarded ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification

Ahmedabad, India [09 July 2018]: VOLANSYS, the leading engineering service provider for connected products and solutions to worldwide customers including fortune 500 companies, announces that it has been awarded prestigious ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification from Bureau Veritas (India) Pvt Ltd. This…

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