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Month: July 2017


FDA Approval for Medical Devices: Winning the Battle of Product Quality V/S Speed to Market

Medical device regulation is complex, because of the wide variety of items that are categorized under medical devices. There may be simple tools used during medical examinations, such as tongue depressors and thermometers, or high-tech life-saving devices that are implanted in…

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How Data Analytics Can Help Make Psychotherapy Better?

If more than 10 million psychiatric are interviewed every year, how many of them do you think to analyse their patient in the quantitative and confined manner? Even it is not practical for doctors also, to find patterns in the pages…

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Faster and Easy GUI Development for Connected Medical Devices Using Micrium OS

Designing a rational user interface is the best contributions the designer can make to avoid operator error in the medical device. Many modern devices are fitted with high-resolution graphical displays like touch screens and touchpad screen. With careful use, such an…

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July_6_ 2017

Cloud Test Automation Using Selenium

Cloud Testing is a means of testing cloud-based applications using resources provided by the cloud. By resources, we mean any element (hardware, software, and infrastructure) necessary to carry out the tests. Cloud testing provides an end-to-end solution that transforms the way…

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