Embedded Engineering

Building smart, cutting edge products across industries

Embedded engineering is the core intel of any product development cycle. It helps in converting soiled hardware into complete, innovative products in an efficient way. Embedded engineering contributes to integrating system resources to get the optimum product output based on end-user applications. The journey starts with the platform development and ends with building embedded product software with a continuous process of performance tuning/optimization based on ever-evolving customer needs. It adds immense value in building the core competency of any product applications for the desired industry solutions.

Embedded Engineering & Firmware Development Services

VOLANSYS has in-depth expertise in embedded engineering services including platform development, OS/Application porting, Wired/Wireless connectivity, and overall system tuning. Over the past decade, the team has expertise in firmware development services that successfully work with some of the giants of the industries, who in turn have provided cutting edge solutions to their end customers relying completely on us. We offer complete embedded software services to our customers from different industries to achieve faster time to market with lower upfront investment.



Performance optimization for low powered battery operated applications

Embedded cloud integration agent, SDK/middle layer development

Linux Yocto, FreeRTOS, Android, and MBedOS porting/hardening

Multimedia processing, edge processing, and device virtualization

Embedded system integration

Microcontroller/RTOS based firmware development

Board bring-up and BSP development

OTA Programming

Device driver/Interface development

Wireless connectivity based on Wi-Fi, BLE Mesh, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Thread, and WAN technologies like LTEM, NBIoT, 4G LTE and 5G