DevOps Consulting Company

Accelerate application delivery using DevOps services

The key concerns raised by organizations are the ability to roll out applications, scale solutions, meet evolving needs of customers and gain competitive advantage at a faster pace in today’s digital world. DevOps services makes this possible by automating and integrating processes between software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to support the process of agile software development. It aims to shorten the software development life cycle and help organizations to deliver applications and services at high velocity in the market to serve their customers effectively.

DevOps engineers use DevOps toolchain to automate end-to-end delivery pipeline and accelerate processes including continuous integration, continuous deployment across leading cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, etc. to improve deployment frequency, reduce release failure rates, shorten fixes lead time, and faster time to recovery.

DevOps Consulting Company

VOLANSYS as a trusted US based DevOps consulting company, has helped many companies improve software delivery, harness the power of cloud and automate processes using DevOps best practices and tools. Our DevOps services encompassing DevOps consulting, DevOps workflow automation, CI/CD pipeline integration, microservices architecture, automated testing techniques and dockerization help organizations bring a feature-rich, reliable product to the market in a lower time frame and cost with a zero-downtime experience. Being a certified AWS consulting partner and Microsoft Azure partner help us to deliver well-architected solutions with unprecedented performance, scalability, security, and availability.

DevOps Lifecycle phases update

DevOps Lifecycle phases


Provision and configure infrastructure through automation

Ability to design implement continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines

Manage application deployments through Jenkins, Harness, Jfrog, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm Chart, Gradle, Terraform, Github

Manage software configuration across environments using configuration-as-code principles

Build infrastructure as code, implement and test the automation

Manage repetitive tasks through automated scripting

Design and implement microservices architecture