Mechanical Design Engineering Services

Engineering-driven Product Design Services for Smart Products

Today’s consumers are more conscious of product design with performance, interconnectivity, and interoperability of the product. Their purchase decisions are highly influenced by product aesthetics, ease of use, form factor, and durability to get the desired product performance. Product design services covers every aspect of the product design process. However, it is a complex process as it involves developing and optimizing design, ensuring industrial standard compliance, validating mechanical design, and prototyping to deliver superior products.

VOLANSYS, being a one-stop solutions provider, offers complete mechanical design engineering services from concept to manufacturing. We de-risk the design challenges of today’s businesses, such as overhead cost, lack of in-house capabilities, handling multiple vendors, and complexity of designs. Our years of experience in delivering product excellence and innovation enable us to help our clients navigate through a complete cycle of developing innovative products with reduced time to market and improved ROI.

Mechanical Design Engineering Services

VOLANSYS has in-depth expertise in providing mechanical design engineering services including Industrial Design, 3D CAD Design, CAE, Simulation and Analysis, 3D Printed Prototype (vacuum casting), Tooling Development (Hard tool and Soft tool), Testing, and Mass Production. Our mechanical design prowess has helped our clients across various industries like Consumer Electronics, Medical/Healthcare, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Retail, etc. to develop viable production-ready prototypes that outperform in the field.

Mechanical Design Engineering Services Diagram


Industrial Design: Form Context and Generation, Sketching and Form Validations, Modelling / Rendering 3D Dev. and Detailing Layout / Engineering Interactions, User Interface Study, Final Form

Prototyping: Foam Mock-ups, MJF/SLA/SLS 3D Printed Prototypes, Die Casting, FRP moulding, Ergonomics Review, Fitment Review, Proto for Mechanical Validation Testing.

Tooling Development: Tooling Drawing Development, T1 and T2 Trials, Reviews and Refinements for T-Final, Texturing and Final Mould Approval, Parameter Setting & Production, Tool Maintenance

Technology Exposures: Injection Moulding, Silicon Moulding, 3 axis and 5 axis CNC Machine, Laser Cutting PU Foam Injection, Powder Coating and Electroplating, Aluminum Casting, Tool Machining, Correction and Maintenance

Simulation and Testing: Product level Thermal Analysis, Shock and Drop Simulation, IP xx Testing Shock, Drop and Vibration Testing, Altitude Testing, Shipment Testing

Product Sustenance: Failure Analysis, Corrective Design/Process, Cost Reduction, Feature Enhancements, Obsolescence Management

Tools: Solidworks, CATIA, Autodesk, Pro-E, Creo, UG-NX