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Category: Software Engineering

December 20_2022_Multifactor

Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication in Securing Applications

Nowadays, security is a major issue for any type of application. Increase in large ransomware attacks, traditional passwords are no longer secure. It is recommended to have a few extra layers of security for every account online. Multi-factor authentication provides double…

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Importance Of Medical Device Software Validation & Its Approach

Whether it’s a new medical device or an improvement in the operation of an existing one, the software is an essential part of it. Software isn’t like a piece of metal that we can put through a strain gauge to test…

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MISRA C Guidelines: A Game-Changer In Automotive Industries

Long ago, automotive engineers switched from mechanized control to software components and coding, progressing to the C language. The C programming language itself is so popular that the whole Linux has been written in C. However, the standard of the C…

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Accelerated GUI development with Linux Qt

The cutting-edge medical devices need advancement in the User Interface(UI) to ease the access to real-time applications. Millennials working in the healthcare industry are not familiar with complex screen flow. Medical devices such as ventilators, automatic electronic defibrillators, and auto-injectors can…

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Faster and Easy GUI Development for Connected Medical Devices Using Micrium OS

Designing a rational user interface is the best contributions the designer can make to avoid operator error in the medical device. Many modern devices are fitted with high-resolution graphical displays like touch screens and touchpad screen. With careful use, such an…

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Micrium OS – Why It Should Be The First Choice For Building Connected Medical Devices?

Medical devices are a special breed that will touch all of us in some way. We need to take extra care when designing these systems to ensure that the device does what it is intended to do. Selecting an RTOS for…

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Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Deployment (CD) – Bandwagon Of Agile Development

Are you tired of rigorous and unproductive coding platforms? Well, here’s the solution. The Agile software development offers an alternative fast-paced approach to traditional ways of managing software projects. While it cuts the development time of continuous integration and deployment of…

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