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  • Break The Connectivity Barriers with Wi-Fi 7
  • Intelligent Health Environment
  • AI-Driven Quality Engineering
  • Complete Guide to Develop a Home Automation App
  • Machine to Machine Communications
  • Safe RTOS

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Break The Connectivity Barriers with Wi-Fi 7

Break The Connectivity Barriers with Wi-Fi 7

In an increasingly digital world, a robust and lightning-fast internet connection has become more essential than ever. Just as we settle into the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E with its impressive speed and reliability, the next generation of wireless technology…

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Intelligent Health Environment

Smart Healthcare: A New Way for Intelligent Health Environment

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are transforming almost all industries, healthcare industry is one of them. Such technologies are being used in all phases of the value chain, enhancing medical diagnosis and treatment, as well as medication…

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AI-Driven Quality Engineering

AI-Driven Quality Engineering: The Future of QA

With the innovation of technology, testing methods also need to be advanced. Artificial intelligence (AI) is now entering into quality assurance (QA), transforming the way businesses perform software testing and automation. AI testing has emerged as a highly valuable asset for…

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Complete Guide to Develop a Home Automation App

Complete Guide to Develop a Home Automation App

Gone are the days when we used to manually change TV channels with dials and control lights and fans with switches. But nowadays, we have Smart Home automation apps that allow us to use phones to control appliances. Utilizing smart home…

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Machine to Machine Communications

How Machine to Machine Communications Revolutionizing Connectivity?

Machine to Machine communications is all set to transform the execution of many industries, enterprises, and services. It has initiated automation and intelligence to the end devices in a way that has never been possible before. Machine to Machine communications, majorly…

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How Does SafeRTOS Secure the Future of Embedded Systems?

In today’s ever-evolving, technology-driven world, real-time systems are the backbone of essential applications across diverse industries. Whether we consider autonomous vehicles in the automotive industry, avionics in aerospace, or the intricate world of medical devices in healthcare, one factor stands paramount:…

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Guide on Build System

Modern Build Systems: A Comparative Analysis of GNU Make, CMake, Ninja, and Meson

Build Systems are vital tools in software development that automate the process of compiling and converting source code (.c/.cpp) into executable (.exe) and binary (.bin) files. They play a crucial role in managing project dependencies, handling source code compilation, and ensuring…

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Annotation in Machine Learning

A Deep Dive into How Annotation Works in Machine Learning

In the realm of machine learning, data serves as the fundamental building block upon which algorithms learn and make precise predictions. Nonetheless, raw data usually lacks the essential context required for machines to grasp its meaning. This is where annotation, the…

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Role of Matter

Role of Matter from Security to Convenience in Smart Home

Matter is an open-source connectivity standard aimed at improving seamless integration and security in smart homes and the Internet of Things. It aims to create a unified and secure smart home ecosystem, enabling seamless communication between various smart devices from different…

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Regulatory Compliance

Complete Guide on Regulatory Compliance for Embedded Products

Regulatory compliance refers to a collection of regulations and responsibilities that organizations are required to follow in order to secure information and ensure the well-being of individuals. It applies to businesses that deal with digital assets, consumer data, healthcare regulations, employee…

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