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Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Deployment (CD) – Bandwagon Of Agile Development


Are you tired of rigorous and unproductive coding platforms? Well, here’s the solution. The Agile software development offers an alternative fast-paced approach to traditional ways of managing software projects. While it cuts the development time of continuous integration and deployment of codes in conjunction with concurrent testing it also helps meeting the unpredictable elements in a software development project. For any emerging situation and demand, agile approach is more equipped to approach it.

Thanks to the rapid proliferation of the digital universe and widespread accessibility the traditional timeframe and sequential process in software development projects are no longer valid. These helped the emergence of agile development concepts such as test automation, continuous integration, and continuous deployment.

The Importance of Agile Development

Attributed to mobile-led digital reality the adoption of new software has got a massive boost. But besides opening opportunities for users to use a whole diversity of applications, it also caused tremendous strain and pressure on software developers. The traditional development process going through a well laid-out sequence of conceptualizing, programming, designing, testing and deployment that may take months or even more than a year for a project to complete and make it available in the market. But such an approach is thoroughly inept to address the demands for the staggering number of apps. This is where the importance of agile development becomes prominent.

Most software solution services these days adopt agile development because by cutting the development time it saves valuable resources and offers a competitive edge for the software solutions they provide. Faster development and frequent improvement are two critical elements for mobile apps that are ensured by agile development.

While traditional methodologies require the user to provide a detailed idea of the exact requirements with respect to the intended software, agile developers are more flexible through their iterative style of work. With agile development, the user is constantly in the loop, suggesting improvements and reviewing every phase.

The two most commonly used terms such as “Continuous Integration” and “Continuous Deployment”, referred often as CI/CD is an integral part of agile development. These two approaches as the prefix ‘Continuous’ suggests, allows integrating the codes as well as deploy the outcome concurrently without the delay involved in traditional sequential development. In this latest context of automation, these two terms represent delivering the finished codes in the pipeline to be deployed automatically as upgrades.


Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Integration (CI) refers to a software development practice requiring developers to integrate code into a central repository at various times of the day. Besides concurrent and automatic update this allows detecting the problems easily by verifying the different check-in times.

Continuous Development (CD)

Continuous deployment extends the approach of continuous integration further by minimizing the time lapse between the time of coding and deploying them.

The Instrumentation is needed to ensure that any suggestion of lowered quality results in aborting the deployment process or rolling back the new features, and triggers human intervention. The automation helps to deploy the written codes in the real time.

Why VOLANSYS for Agile Development?

VOLANSYS as an enterprise-focused software and mobile app development company offers an industry benchmarked agile software development environment ensuring totally concurrent integration and deployment of codes in real time output.

At VOLANSYS, we have a huge experience in working with agile software development projects. Our total experience in agile software development is more than 2 years. We boast of a team of highly experienced and certified scrum developers having proven expertise in working with diverse industry niches. Our approach in dealing with agile development is to help businesses grow thanks to fast-paced project completion and better resource management.

To conclude, we must admit that the above-mentioned approaches in modern software and app development will continue to stay relevant as demands are overwhelming.

For agile software solutions and service drop us a message or feel free to call us at +91 79 4004 1994 or you can drop us an email on [email protected]

About the Author: Nimish Vora

Nimish works with VOLANSYS Technologies as Senior Sales Executive and looks after establishing new and existing client relationships. Nimish gives higher focus on devising Business Solution with help of Technology while working with clients to bring greater value in engagement. 

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