QA Automation

Improved productivity and efficiency with test automation

In this ever evolving connected devices age, QA automation has become a necessity for businesses to swiftly and precisely test and validate their products, platforms, and applications running on various interfaces in a connected environment. Budget pressures, dipping development cycle timeline and increased focus on quality make test automation a critical tool today. 

QA automation is accompanied with its own set of challenges like test case creation, selecting right tools/ frameworks and testing approaches, parallel test execution and more. Understanding test automation challenges, VOLANSYS offers QA automation services ensuring a high level of quality with testing automation framework Volanium that fulfills customer requirements and provides faster time to market. Test automation provides increased productivity and efficiency in an organization and high level of product quality by eliminating human errors.

QA Automation Services

At VOLANSYS, we believe in leveraging automated testing processes with continuous improvement that can overcome test automation challenges. This led us to develop our in-house automation framework – Volanium that automates testing, reduces human efforts while providing a shorter time frame and increased test coverage. It is a hybrid (keyword + data driven) framework with reliable and reusable test scripts enabling test automation of all the components involved in an IoT solution, from devices to cloud to web and mobile applications. Volanium offers a wide range of support for different browsers, OS, cloud and mobile platforms. Our QA experts follow CI/CD and in-sprint testing approaches that make test case execution and bug detection faster and effective.

Our testing team is comprised of skilled engineers having extensive knowledge on latest automation tools, technologies and frameworks. Furthermore, our Quality Engineering services also include development of custom automation frameworks as per the customer requirements for different industrial domains.

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End-to-end Testing Automation


Automation tools/frameworks: Selenium, Appium, Robot Framework, PyTest, Jenkins, TestNG

Languages: Python, Java, C, C++

Test coverage tools: GCov, Lcov, Application Optimizer Tool

CI/CD DevOps tools: Jenkins, GitHub, BitBucket

Load testing using JMeter, Locust

Scalability testing