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Why Performance Testing is Important?

December 15_2016

Why there is so much fuss about application testing among developers? Well, the main reason can easily be attributed to the indomitable role performance testing that plays in the success of the applications and solutions. The performance testing services should also complete their task within the stringent timeframe for the development task. So, ensuring highly reliable testing and quality assurance within the predetermined development time involves several challenges. The performance testing has undergone several approaches that we would like to see here briefly.

Agile Model & Performance Testing

An agile model of development with its concurrent focus on all attributes has proven effective for fast paced quality focused development. The challenge is how performance testing can be accommodated within the agile model of development.

Integrating performance testing practices within an agile development model requires several proactive steps. First of all, make close collaboration happen between the developer’s team with a sprint schedule and the performance testing service. Now focus on developing a variety of scenarios for testing different performance and stress points with their relative objectives and schedule for execution. Secondly, you need to soak and stress tests for a longer duration as the part of the software release process. At the same time, you need to ensure more than one performance tests per sprint to make the process even more meticulous. The agile development process can further make performance testing easier using Continuous Integration (CI) and you can easily streamline performance testing.

To integrate performance testing even more scrupulously with agile development, one needs to define the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Because in Agile model you can only have a scope of tests to a smaller extent with an enhanced frequency, you need to define an array of effective KPIs for every test

Think Time’ Considerations in Performance Testing

‘Think Time’ is a new consideration or approach to performance testing. What does this mean and what this approach signifies? We will see here! To evaluate the system performance you need to rest it under lively and real condition. The “think time” basically refers to the time gap between the point of departure for one request and the starting of another. So, you need to check where the loading speed really goes within these two levels.

What VOLANSYS can do in Performance Testing?

VOLANSYS as an acclaimed and appreciated software developer and enterprise app developer company follows agile principles of development and ensures most robust quality assurance through granular level performance testing. We ensure highly sophisticated performance testing mechanism with our cloud-based tools and skilled professionals. We offer performance testing services for enterprise software solutions of diverse niches. Our own expertise in enterprise IT provides us a competitive edge.

VOLANSYS provides a complete range of performance and load testing solutions to its esteemed customers using an extended range of Frameworks. Our culminating Performance testing Services are designed to meet your specific needs.  We have also done performance testing in all QE domains like web applications, mobile applications, cloud APIs etc…

Some of the popular tools which we use are Web load for web applications, JMeter, LoadRunner, Blazemeter, Grinder, OpenSTA, Rational Performance Tester etc.

Do you need your performance testing for your enterprise solutions? Or, do you need an app development service with high-quality performance testing? In either of the cases, we can come to your aid. Just drop us a mail at [email protected] or call us on +1 510 358 4310.

About the Author: Rajesh Zinzuwadia

Rajesh is a veteran player in Embedded & QA services. He works with VOLANSYS as Program Manager and looks after QA & Automation across multiple domains. Always smiling and ready to help people grow technically, Rajesh is willing to run an extra mile and helping customers towards creating great quality products. 

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