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VOLANSYS Demonstrated ‘Zero-Touch Provisioning Blueprint’ at NXP Connects Through Integration with NXP and Microsoft

SANTA CLARA, CA. December 17, 2021

VOLANSYS, a one-stop IoT Solutions Provider, participated to showcase a “Zero-Touch Provisioning Blueprint” on its CENTAURI 200 IoT Gateway platform using NXP’s EdgeLock® SE050 secure element and Microsoft Azure IoT Edge.

For any decision-maker, security is one of the major concerns when implementing IoT solutions. According to the IoT Signals Report, 95% of adopters have experienced failure in the Proof-of-Concept stage due to the technical complexity of various components, time-consuming process, high cost of scaling, and lack of trust in scalability platforms while developing a complete solution in-house.

According to the VOLANSYS experience, another challenge in deploying IoT at scale is the secure onboarding of devices and certificates-based identity lifecycle management for connected devices. Onboarding a device requires injecting a unique identity on each device. It is a complex process and requires hardware security modules, physical access control, qualified personnel, etc. There is a need for a new approach to supporting secure IoT device onboarding.

“At NXP Connects, we teamed up with NXP Semiconductors and Microsoft, domain experts in the IoT ecosystem, to demonstrate the exceptional value we can offer to our customers with our collective expertise in enablement and implementation of solutions, ” said Dhruvesh Patel, CTO at VOLANSYS“.

In that session, VOLANSYS demonstrated a complete end-to-end, zero-touch provisioning flow using CENTAURI 200 IoT Gateway that integrates NXP’s Edgelock SE050 secure element – a discrete and security module to secure initial (IDEVID) and operational certificates (LDEVID) on SE050, using Edgelock 2GO services to provision unique device credentials with any generic SE050 part. Provided insights on how to establish a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) chain of trust via intermediate certificates and experience the provisioning of the gateway on Azure. Lastly, imparted knowledge on the automatic and secure onboarding process for end-users.

“With the growing trend of connecting things to the cloud, new security threats are emerging. Organizations need to address those security concerns. By enabling VOLANSYS CENTAURI 200 IoT Gateway with the EdgeLock SE050 secure element and the EdgeLock 2GO service, customers can experience the advanced level of security to protect the identity of their devices and advance the world by connecting devices in a secure way,” said Christian Lackner, senior director of IoT security and smart products authentication at NXP Semiconductors.

Arjmand Samuel, General Manager for Internet of Things Security at Microsoft said: “The Integration of CENTAURI200 with Microsoft Azure IoT Edge enables zero-touch provisioning to the right Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service (DPS) without requiring human intervention, allowing customers to provision millions of devices in a secure and scalable manner”.

Together, NXP and Microsoft, and VOLANSYS can help implement strong security mechanisms within IoT devices to protect device onboarding and credential maintenance, making device management significantly simpler and minimizing risk.

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VOLANSYS is a Silicon Valley based product engineering, digital engineering & quality engineering services company offering embedded, hardware & software engineering, mobility, internet of things, cloud services, DevOps, machine learning and manufacturing from concept to roll-out. Since 2008, VOLANSYS has been helping enterprises and OEMs worldwide to engineer smart connected products and applications at faster time to market and lower cost of ownership across multiple industrial domains. Our OEM solutions include CENTAURI 200 IoT Gateway, IoTify cloud framework and HomeBridge. VOLANSYS is headquartered in India along with offices in.