IoTify Brochure

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IoTify is a flexible, secure and feature-rich multi-platform IoT cloud & mobile app framework to create IoT solutions. IoTify caters to all the needs of IoT solution providers including cloud, mobile app, and integrated IoT gateway to build a variety of industry applications. It offers fully managed platform service functionality such as device management, device monitoring, device reporting, device maintenance, firmware OTA updates, data flow control, data security, device event & action, device notification, rule engine, OEM dashboard, and user management. Based on our different OEM models you can get full control of all these functionalities to make changes as per your business needs. Also, you can build the solution using IoTify on different popular cloud platforms such as AWS Cloud, Ayla Networks, and many more to support in the future. Overall it is a one-stop solution for IoT solution providers and OEMs looking forward to start building their own IoT solutions on the platform having lots of pre-built functionality, pre-integrated gateways, and ready to use business application templates for different industries.