Data Engineering Services

Engineering services to build data engineering solutions

Organizations across the globe deal with massive data generated from IoT devices, connected systems and users. Data comes in all sizes and shapes– both structured and unstructured forms leaving most unused. To stay competitive, it is important for organizations to align data strategy with their business goals and adopt organization-wide data culture to get data-driven insights from data for decision-making and accelerated business growth. With the right data engineering services, organizations can monetize and maximize the value of their data assets.

IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data have propelled the evolution of the data driven businesses. VOLANSYS’ data engineering services help companies with highly efficient data engineering solutions with next-gen data analytics and visualization, validating and verifying data quality, implementing ETL processes, thereby delivering an analytical data driven solution for your organization.

Data Engineering Services

VOLANSYS has helped companies to solve their data challenges, predict demand patterns, improve end-user satisfaction and guide through business strategies based on intelligent insights. Our data engineering team analyzes structured, semi-structured and unstructured data with the right technology, processing tools and approach. With our engineering expertise, we provide data engineering solutions for complete data lifecycle management, including data acquisition, storage, modeling and consultation, automate ETL processes, building pipelines, migration, integration, visualization and analytics.

Data Engineering Tools & Technologies


Data forms:

Structured data like Salesforce, Google Analytics, & Sales data. Semi Structured data like XML, TCP-IP packets, markup languages, webpage, zip files, binary executables. Unstructured Data like social media, contacts, web logs, emails, requests, service logs & audio

Data Architecture:

Design data engineering cloud solution like Data Lake, Data Warehouse or end-to-end pipelines, Automation of ETL and ELT processes and design cost effective, scalable, secure data platform

ETL and ELT Services:

Real time and batch data pipeline & processing, data cleansing & tagging, data mappings, transformation and validation, data lake & data warehouse setup

Data Analytics & Visualization:

Consultancy and define plan for analytical method development, interactive dashboards & visualizations, managed reporting service platform including aws quicksight, Looker, PowerBI, etc.

Data Science Services:

Machine Learning, Performance Tuning, Pattern Recognition, Recommendation Engine, Adaptive Learning


Expertise on AWS S3, AWS EFS, Google Cloud, Azure Blob Storage, etc.