Customer Reviews

VOLANSYS is the only software firm that also provides hardware and firmware design. I think that internal end-to-end expertise and support provides more substantial capabilities. All team members are really proactive in making sure the project stays on track.  It helps reinforce that we have picked a supplier who can add value to our solution.

CEO and Co-Founder
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) products and solutions provider for Transportation Industry

After working with VOLANSYS team for many years now, we have been realizing a combination of the ability to deliver, deep knowledge of our products and good product management skills. Everyone in our group is pleased and complementary to the integrated efforts. I really appreciate all your hard work and support along the way!!

Switching Software and Solutions Product Marketing Manager

VOLANSYS provided us services for embedded & Windows software related work. This was a resource augmentation to our engineering team. The engagement lasted for about a year. We found them very responsive. They handled our work VERY effectively – as our work required working in multiple shifts as well. Very capable resources with a good mix of senior and junior engineers.

Vice President
Financial Institution

I am happy to share all the facts about the services I got from VOLANSYS so far. I worked with VOLANSYS Team for more than a year now. I’m very happy with their services that range from product selection – chips at hardware level, overall product design – hardware, software (assembly) and web site. I didn’t face any issue in communication.Why I selected VOLANSYS & not someone else? I had many choices. I was looking for trusted partner who could protect my idea and not only just start working on it to get paid but enhance my idea and suggest better ways to design and develop my product. After talking with many companies, it was obvious that VOLANSYS had an edge where they brought true “engineering solution mindset” rather than just “take order & make payment” mentality.

Engineering Head
A Leading Wireless Service Provider

Proactive and process driven – helped infuse processes in our workflow – that was quite helpful. Good communication skills. Management team / senior expert resources were also involved from their team to ensure progress happened at desired pace.

Technology & Product Strategy Risk Management Solutions Company

VOLANSYS team is an extension of our development team. They work very closely with my team to ensure the requirements are completed and tested in a timely manner. We have engaged with VOLANSYS on a mid/long term contract based on our budgeting periods. We have recently undertaken an exercise to surgically change key architecture components of the product platform while continuing to enhance the product and support our existing client base.This is like changing tires on a car while driving laps!! They have been extremely supportive of our aggressive timelines and have contributed significantly to enhancing design concepts. There have been no issues with time zone changes. They spent time on their own to come up to speed on the product and the architecture. They contributed additional resources to support what-if analysis and prototype development to validate certain concepts and ideas before going full steam ahead with the development. The team piloted different tools/products to help us make decisions on reporting engine, Scrum tool, etc.Overall I have been very pleased with the team and their support of our needs.

Engineering Director
Networking Solutions Semiconductor Company

The VOLANSYS team seamlessly worked with us to build our compelling app that ensures a strong user experience. We truly appreciate their outstanding help to pay attention to all minute details in delivering high-quality mobile application in less time.

Global FMCG Company

Global FMCG Company

VOLANSYS IoT Healthcare Solutions has demonstrated exceptional subject matter expertise within the Revenue Cycle process. The team displayed a high degree of professionalism and knowledge to help us achieve our objectives on time and within budget.

Healthcare Activity Monitoring Solution Provider