Hardware Engineering

Complete hardware design and development services for your smart connected products

Hardware forms the basic and critical building block of any successfully connected solution. With the rapid proliferation of lower process geometries, companies are moving towards miniature boards which are power-optimized and used in a wide range of applications. Hardware engineering is not limited to board design, providing connectivity, testing & validation, and certification, but also involves integrating the various modules to efficient platforms enabling seamless interoperability of the entire System/Product.

VOLANSYS long term partnership with semiconductor suppliers helps to bring more visibility and substance in design planning. We offer a quick and low-cost prototype for POC with accurate estimates on the EOL of the component as well. Partnerships help to get early access to a pre-launched solution from our supplier to deliver much faster time to market to our customers.

Hardware Engineering Services and Solutions

VOLANSYS has proven expertise in hardware engineering services & solutions including design and development of complex, faster, reliable, and efficient solutions. Our hardware engineering services & solutions range from the conceptualization stage to delivering re-engineered customized solutions. We have a wide range of service portfolio offerings supporting design, prototyping, mass production, and certification under a single roof. Our well-defined engineering methodology helps in reducing time to market without compromising performance. 



Hardware design services including architecture, schematics, layout, and Class A component selection for Industrial/Automotive/Commercial design

Pre-compliance testing including vibration, thermal, EMI/EMC, interference and more

ROM estimation and BOM optimization

Region-specific certification such as FCC, CE, ROHS, UL, REACH, and more

Building low power consumption and efficient battery managed devices

RF design: Multi-radios design, RF simulation, tuning, and antenna customization

Designing IoT gateway, edge nodes, sensors, and hardware interfaces

Board Design: Multi-layer, HDI, Flex, Flex-Rigid for high-speed, battery operated, signal integrity and space-constrained designs