Frequently Asked Questions

The QR code is located on the bottom side of the Gateway board.

WiFi or Ethernet interface can be used for internet connectivity.

NFC or BLE commission methods are available for WiFi provisioning using android mobile Application. Please refer “MGOOBDSUG.pdf” for more detail.

LED1 indicates Cloud connectivity status. Followings are color significance on LED1,

  • Red – no internet/cloud connectivity on Gateway
  • Orange – Gateway is trying to connect with the cloud 
  • Green –  Gateway is connected with Cloud

LED2 indicates NFC/BLE commission status. Followings are color significance on LED2,

  • Orange – NFC/BLE commission window is started
  • Green – NFC/BLE commission window is turned off

The SW1 switch stands for two functionalities as described below

  • SW1 pressed between 5seconds to 15 seconds, it will turn on/off functionality of NFC/BLE commission window
  • SW1 pressed more than 15 seconds, it will soft power down the Gateway board

The Gateway support Thread and Zigbee® protocol on 802.15.4 RF radio connectivity

The Gateway supports KW41Z Thread chipset

The Gateway supported Zigbee® chipsets are as below, 

  • JN5169
  • JN5179

The thread chipset supports Thread specification 1.1.

Modular IoT Gateway hardware configuration

i.MX6UL/ 6ULL processor as SOM is used.

The CPU speed of i.MX6UL is 528 Mhz

The CPU architecture is Cortex-A7

The Modular IoT Gateway has 1GB NAND flash support.

The DDR RAM size is 256MB

The DDR RAM can be expanded up to 1GB DDR3

The Murata 1DX module being used inside the Modular IoT Gateway.

No. The Wi-Fi module supports only 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi plus BLE/BT.

Yes. Two USB port are available.

Yes. The Modular IoT Gateway has onboard & external RTC support.

Please contact our support e-mail – [email protected], and our representative would respond to your question soon.


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