Hybrid Cloud Featured
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How to Know If Your Hybrid Cloud Has Purpose for Your Business

As enterprises move towards digital transformation, utilizing cloud computing has increased. Most organizations that rely on data-driven intelligence and product agility move their digital operations to the cloud. Share As…

Production Quality Control Using ML Featured
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Improve Production Line Quality using Machine Learning at the Edge

The industry 4.0 paradigm encourages the manufacturing industry to use machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and industrial internet of things (IIoT) technologies to improve industrial process, product quality, reduce…

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AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Comparing Top Cloud Platforms for MLaaS

Machine Learning has become a pioneer in the data-driven world. Most enterprises use Machine Learning and Data Analytics to better understand their target audience Share Machine Learning has become a…

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How cloud drives digital transformation across the automotive industry?

Cloud technology has improved many aspects of modern life. Cloud computing has transformed the functioning of multiple industries driving innovation and growing the pace of business continuity. The automotive cloud-based…

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How IoT is Becoming a Game Changer in Sports Industry

The global smart sports equipment market size was valued at USD 2.16 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 4.04 billion by 2027 Based on this upward trend,…