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Complete Product Engineering Guide for Enterprises

In today’s highly competitive market, most companies are focusing on developing the new-age solution for their businesses. Same way, the customers’ expectations keep on evolving with time. Share In today’s…

Cybersecurity in Medical Device
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Why is Cybersecurity Important for Medical Devices?

The increasing connectivity of medical devices to wearables and medical applications or software has exposed devices to cybersecurity threats and attacks. Any vulnerabilities in medical devices allow unauthorized users to…

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Overcoming the challenges of IoT edge device security

The adoption of Edge computing is on the rise despite the COVID-19 pandemic having spurred fundamental disruption. Edge Computing enables real-time data processing at the edge, reducing the amount of…

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Best Practices of Porting Android OS to Embedded Platforms

Android is the popular smartphone operating system and is taking over the tablet, Automotive, Smart TV, Wearables, Home Appliances, Gaming console market, etc. It offers distinct yet familiar experiences for…

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Get Seamless OpenThread Network Connectivity With OpenThread Border Router

Thread is an IPv6 based low-power wireless mesh networking protocol based on the IEEE 802.15.4 wireless protocol operating in the 2.4 GHz open radio frequency band.  Thread network has no single…