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Month: July 2021


Why is Cybersecurity Important for Medical Devices?

The increasing connectivity of medical devices to wearables and medical applications or software has exposed devices to cybersecurity threats and attacks. Any vulnerabilities in medical devices allow unauthorized users to access and control devices, which can lead to a serious risk…

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Best Practices of Designing the High-speed Printed Circuit Board

Designing a high-speed board is an essential part of embedded applications. Nowadays, a printed circuit board (PCB) is designed in such a way that it should automatically meet the requirements of advanced solutions. That is the biggest reason why high speed and…

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July_05_2021_supply Chain

How Machine Learning optimizes Supply Chain Management?

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML) has almost revolutionised the way different industries function. One such segment is Supply Chain Management. Some of the key factors of Machine Learning that help in optimizing the overall Supply Chain Management…

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VOLANSYS Earned Established Positioning in Zinnov Zones Ratings 2020 for IoT Services

SANTA CLARA, CA. July 01, 2021 VOLANSYS, a leading engineering services & solutions provider has been recognized as an ‘Established Solutions Provider’ for IoT technology services in the Zinnov Zones 2020 E R&D services report. Zinnov published this industry benchmarking report after completing a comprehensive…

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